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Functional and Durable Floor Coatings

Floors are the most functional part of any building, be it home, commercial office or restaurants. They take most of the wear and tear and do not get a second look unless you find it dirty. To make your heads turn, metallic epoxy floor paints have come into the market with which you can create beautiful and stunning designs to make it look like a painting or a wall paper. This hottest new trend is making its way into people’s homes, garages and offices to give a high tech look. Metallic epoxy pigments used in the coating give the floor various visual effects apart from the clean glossy look.  

You can even create beautiful three-dimensional illusions with these paints for the look of ripples, water, swirling rivers and much more. Epoxy floor coatings are used on concrete floors and the metallic paints are the hot selling epoxy paint at the time. Unbelievable patterns and designs can be created using epoxy metallic paints to give your floor some stunning visuals. The paints contain 100% solid epoxy pigments which have to be treated with denatured alcohol after they are poured on the floor.  

Functional and durable floors  

These kinds of floorings are mostly used in commercial buildings and some residential homes where you want your floor to be the focus point. They metallic epoxy paints come in both bright and neutral tones to suit all kinds of décor. The epoxy floors are not only beautiful but are durable with anti-skid properties. The floors are high performing and are usually designed to last many years irrespective of the wear and tear it handles. They can handle stains and chemical spills without damaging the floor structure. This is the best part for its usage in garages as it is resistant to gasoline, oils, bleach, cleansers and transmission fluids.  

The floor is resistant to heat and water and thus makes it germ resistant too. The smooth surface which comes from using epoxy coating makes it easy to clean and maintain. The installation part is somewhat challenging as the epoxy chemicals harden fast and also the mixing and preparation are not an easy task. A trained professional is a must when it comes to installing the epoxy floors and its coatings. The floors are hard and can withstand all damages and cracks making it the best to be used in garages where heavy machinery is handled on a daily basis. 

Polyaspartic garage floor coating is on par on toughness with epoxy floor coatings. It has revolutionary durability and strength. It is resistant to heat, dust, chemicals, and germs. Its anti-corrosive nature makes it an ideal flooring for garages which handles different types of chemicals every day. it cures faster and application and installation are complete in a day’s work. The poly aspartic coating is flexible to be used with different curing agents to achieve varied results. The floor coatings are not only good for a business but also for the environment.